First Post :) an introduction

First post, a little bit about myself. I’m 16 years old and living in Berlin, studying in Berlin Brandenburg International School And this is the first time I’m doing a blog. I’m a big gamer and love 80’s-90’s music, so i may do the occasional post about those.

I find this topic of conflict spurring advancements in science very interesting. People are always trying to outdo each other, and competition leads to progression. Think about it, we have Nuclear power plants producing energy thanks to WWII, one of the reasons for inventing the internet was to link individual computers and exchange information for a country’s defense, and even cargo pants, was first used as an easy way for soldiers to carry important equipment, and was later adopted by the public. I would also looking into the historical development of some modern-day military technologies, such as tanks, missiles and weapons for example.

Now, I’m not an advocate for warfare and war is truly horrible, however, so much of our everyday items owe their origins to the concept of being better than the other guy. Science is not always ethical, and there are even more questions concerning the relationship between science and war, such as is science limited to national borders? Should scientist of a country keep discoveries to themselves to get the advantage over the world? or should the knowledge be shared to the world in a common pool of knowledge? I would also explore questions such as this in this blog.

I would post weekly or bi-weekly, depending on my time and homework schedule, and be sure to share this blog with your friends, I would reallyy appreciate that 🙂



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