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Science and the Bible: Creation and Evolution What was the influence of the interpretation of the Garden of Eden story as ‘The Fall’ on the early development of European science? Upon the arrival of the Enlightenment and the early thinkers in the newly developing European science, many realized the parameters of the human mind. These … More Post I found interesting

Does war actually make the technology and science advance faster?

So I was on the internet and stumbled this very educational text post written by  Jacob VanWagoner on Quora.  His account: The original post: For your reading convenience, I copied the whole answer here, but I stress that I did not write a single word of this. “Yes, depending on the needs of the war.  … More Does war actually make the technology and science advance faster?

Is science never right? — Philosophy Alive

Is it true, as said, that ‘science is never right’?† Then is there something that goes beyond the fact of the ‘scientific facts’, calling into question their propriety, which might also call into question scientific findings in fields of study ranging from medicine and psychology to economics and climatology? Does it mean that there is […] … More Is science never right? — Philosophy Alive

(this essay was originally published in the Fall, 2014 issue of the Concho River Review. Since it is no longer available for purchase, I will post the essay here) when you kill another honor him with your tears when the battle is won treat it as a wake —Tao Te Ching 31, tr. Red Pine […] … More